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Challenge Your Brain with WareSoft Sudoku. See how fast you can solve a puzzle. Each puzzle has 9
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5 November 2009

Editor's review

If you like brain challenging games, then you must have tried the much known numeric puzzle game, Sudoku in newspapers, magazines, etc. Well, if you have been playing it since long and think you’re a Sudoku expert, then it’s time that you must think again. As the all new WareSoft Sudoku 1.0 has come to test your mind’s promptness and skills. Easy installable over your system, it’s a fantastic Sudoku game that provides from numeric puzzles from beginner, intermediate, to professional level. It challenges your brain and lets you test how fast you’re in solving Sudoku puzzles having nine 3x3 grids. Like other Sudoku puzzles, it doesn’t involves any complex mathematical calculations and skills, but requires you to apply simple logic in placing numbers. Though it seems much easier with number 1-9 already placed and to be used for solving the puzzle, but you’d confront original challenge while playing it.

WareSoft Sudoku console of simple and imparts you with playing area at the mid left and different options over right. These options include Puzzle Timer, Difficulty Level, Check Your Progress, Create New Puzzle, Quit, Solve, and Check Progress Legend. For beginning to play a Sudoku puzzle, first you’d have to select the Difficulty level, and then press ‘Create New Puzzle’ to get the puzzle displayed over left, as per the selection. Now, you’d get certain boxes in nine grids filled with numbers, and the left empty ones are where you’ve to enter appropriate numbers by applying logic. Immediately as the puzzle is displayed, the Puzzle Timer begins, and you can also know your progress by clicking ‘Check You Progress’ button that would display correct entries in grey and wrong entries in red color. After you’ve completed filling the puzzle, click Solve and you’d get to know whether you’ve solved it correctly or not, or else the program would fill the left out part giving you the solution.

WareSoft Sudoku is a challenging and addictive game that you’d not be able to avoid after playing once. For the exercise it gives to your brain, along with great game-play and simple features, the game is assigned with 4.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Challenge Your Brain with WareSoft Sudoku. See how fast you can solve a puzzle. Each puzzle has 9 3x3 grids to solve. Sudoku does not require any special math skills or calculations. It is a simple and fun game of logic. All that you need is your brains and concentration. To solve Sudoku you must enter numbers 1-9 in each row without repeating any numbers and not repeat any numbers in a 3x3 grid either. It is a lot harder than you think it is. With 3 levels of difficulty it will be sure to please beginners and pros alike. You can check along the way to see if your answers are correct. It will let you know which ones are and which ones are not. But watch out, doing so adds 4 seconds to the clock. If you give up in frustration you can have it solve the puzzle for you. If you push the solve button and change your mind, it will add 4 seconds to the clock too. With a possibility of almost 1 million puzzles, it will provide you with years of puzzles, if not a lifetime.
WareSoft Sudoku
WareSoft Sudoku
Version 1.0
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